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How can I buy a suitable wine cabinet?


As the wine wine wine cabinet is a rise in recent years, the emerging household electrical appliances, the current market for the choice of products and access to the relevant knowledge is limited. So if you buy a suitable wine cooler to become the vast number of wine lovers more difficult problems. How to choose a suitable wine cabinet? In fact, not difficult! The following are the same as the "

First, we must understand their own needs, use; For example, how much capacity their own wine cooler (storage volume), placed in the environment there is no limit (height, width, depth, etc.), if it is embedded to determine the first The size of the installation is limited. In addition to consider the type of wine you want to store, because the different wine needs the storage temperature is different. The following are the same as the "

Second, determine the temperature zone:
such as:
1: a single warm wine cabinet for a long time to store red wine;
2: double temperature wine cabinet is the whole wine cabinet is divided into two greenhouses, a greenhouse suitable for storage of white wine (8-10 degrees), another greenhouse suitable for storage of red wine cabinet;
3: Three-zone wine cabinet is the whole wine cabinet is divided into three greenhouses, in addition to the same time can store white wine (8-10 degrees) and storage of red wine (12-14 degrees) but also more than a drinking temperature area 16-18 degrees) is designed to store the daily drinking red wine temperature zone.

Third, to determine the capacity, as well as the required environmental restrictions and use; the next is to determine where to buy. At present, because the wine cabinet wine cabinet is not a mass consumer goods, so the current home appliances and wine franchise stores will have a small amount of styles and brands to choose from.

Mastered the purchasing skills of these wine cooler, I believe we can easily buy a suitable for their own wine cabinet, enjoy your wine life!
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