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The wine market continued to expand the home wine cabinet quietly warming


In recent years, with the increase in the level of per capita income, especially the growth and development of middle-income groups, as well as the upgrading of consumption structure, wine as a healthy wine is widely recognized by domestic consumers, China's wine sales also showed year by year situation. At the same time, along with the continued expansion of the wine market, as associated industry, home wine cabinet market also usher in a better development opportunities, and become a highly competitive home appliance industry in the sunrise industry.

Wine cabinet market has great potential

At the annual meeting of the Economist Annual Meeting in 2015, Vice Minister of Finance Zhu Guangyao said China's gross domestic product will reach 100 trillion yuan by 2020, with per capita GDP reaching US $ 10,000. It is noteworthy that the per capita GDP tens of thousands of dollars is an important symbol, in accordance with the World Bank in 2010 to measure the criteria, China will enter the ranks of middle-income countries. Among them, the middle-income groups will reach at least 400 million -6 million people, which represents the consumption strength behind can not be underestimated.

According to the "2015-2020 China wine cabinet market trend and investment prospects assessment report" shows that China's wine market continues to expand, the total sales of more than 100 billion yuan, the market capacity of about 1.8 billion liters, and 25% of which from Imported wines.

It is noteworthy that, as a wine associated product - wine cabinet, regardless of the production of wine, wholesale or retail links, can see its shadow. Therefore, the industry pointed out that with the growing wine market, home wine cabinet will also usher in the development of new opportunities. In the domestic, wine cabinet market maturity is much lower than the refrigerator, is still in the initial stage, but many domestic appliance companies have seen the wine cabinet market great potential, including Casa Dili (Haier's high-end home appliances brand), Bosch, US crystal, the new flying electrical, etc., including enterprises are beachhead layout.

Wine cabinet also need high-tech content

December 9, Casa Dili wine cabinet in Beijing, the listing of the most prominent feature of the wine cabinet is no compressor, the function has been achieved zero noise, zero vibration and zero temperature fluctuations; the United States and wine cabinet " Solid wood furniture appearance + constant temperature refrigeration function, "the product style, and its name is" wine easy to shoot, "the wine cabinet also combines the elements of the Internet of things, wine cabinet and the user's mobile phone binding can be achieved after the temperature wine cabinet temperature Abnormal "short message intelligent alarm" function; and Bosch wine cabinet with a mesh wine cabinet refrigeration system, the wine cabinet can effectively maintain the temperature within the appropriate range, the rubber wood wine rack can also prevent the vibration of the wine Of the injury.

In fact, according to the way of cooling, wine cooler can be divided into semiconductor electronic wine cooler and compressor electronic wine cabinet two categories, but it is worth noting that, no matter what kind of wine cabinet, although they can meet the consumer Of the storage requirements, but it has not been able to avoid the operation of the wine tanker due to compressor refrigeration to bring the wine cabinet vibration, noise and periodic switch machine caused by ± 2 ℃ temperature fluctuations.

As we all know, the wine on the storage environment is very demanding, not only to constant temperature, humidity, dark, shock is also very important, industry experts pointed out that the compressor cooling caused by the above problems are likely to disrupt the molecular structure of wine, So that the precipitate thrown, causing the wine "precocious" or "shock". Therefore, no noise, no vibration, constant temperature of the wine cabinet will become the future direction of product development. In other words, who can take the lead in mastering the home appliance cooling technology, who will be able to start in this market in the market opportunities.
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