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Zhongshan Huaou Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd


Being one of leading specialists for a wide range of refrigerating products which are inclusive of wine coolers, cigar humidors and wine dispensers for household and commercial purposes, Huaou Electrical Appliance Co.,ltd pride itself on devel¬op¬ing and main¬tain¬ing long stand¬ing rela¬tion¬ ships with their cus¬tomers, some of them are the world best known brands in different industries. 

The success of any company is determined by how well the customer is cared for. It is with this in mind that we are always willing to put the customer first.

Backed up by our well-experienced and highly trained technical team, we can respond quickly and effi¬ciently to call-outs when required. Huaou Electrical Appliance Co.,ltd is continually tracking changes in technology and innovation with an aim to be always at the forefront of product and service excellence. We solely-developed and produce series of new and patented items characterized by innovative elements and striking selling points, please get access to our website for further information, there is always one product which cater to your demand.



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